About Me

Alfred TongI’m a professional Cisco and Linux systems administrator with over 10 years of experience. I currently have the following certifications; RHCE, CCSP, CCNP-S, CCNP, CCDP, CCDA, CCNA, JNCIA-FWV, MCP

I’ve been working in and out of both the systems and networking areas in my professional experience. I’m writing this blog to record down the challenges I have faced and hopefully “remind” myself of all the problems I have tackled before so I don’t have to reinvent the wheel each time I forget.

For those who stumbled upon this blog, I hope you all enjoy reading. Leave a comment or two if you think you’re finding some of the information useful!

  • Gurdev Sethi

    Great information and a lot of practical depth to your netflow work. Thank you for mentioning the Free Flow Exporter and linking to FlowTraq. If we can help you in any way with netflow subject matter please let us know, we have added a lot content and ungated our whitepapers.

  • Vineet kumar Srivastava

    Hi…Appreciated all your effort

    pls correct safe harbor description. you are missing “Not”-Personal data of EU citizens may”Not” be transmitted to countries outside of EU even with user consent. US based organizations must voluntarily consent to EU data protection directive in order to obtain this data.

    • Alfred Tong

      Good catch! I have fixed the post. Thanks!

  • Ole Friis Heesgaard

    Look at

    Cisco IPSec VPN – IOS site-to-site Virtual Tunnel Interface VTI

  • Nick Khimani

    Please share location of CISSP Domain 6,7, and 8. Thanks.