Blackberry 10 missing outlook contacts in call display log

Call display missing Outlook contacts

Have you noticed that your contacts from Outlook are missing on the call display and call log on your Blackberry Z10/Q10? If you open your call log by pressing your phone button, any contacts that you have stored in your Outlook don’t seem to have synced over to your Blackberry 10.

This is because the new Blackberry 10 has now separated your personal space and work space causing your Outlook contacts not to show up in the phone functionality of your personal space. By default personal apps don’t have access to the work contacts which is where your Outlook contacts resides. This is quite a problem because you receive calls while you are in your personal space and you want to be able to see who’s calling you from work.

How to fix?

In order for your call display and phone log to display your Outlook contacts, you must allow your Personal Apps access to work contacts. This is controlled via the BES 10 server.

  1. Log into your BES10 server.
  2. Under Blackberry solution management, expand the Policy section
  3. Select Manage IT policies. (If you don’t have an existing Policy you will have to create a new IT policy)
  4. Select the Policy that you have created and click View Complete IT Policy
  5. Select the Security Tab and scroll down to Edit the IT policy
  6. Find the “Personal Apps Access to Work Contacts” rule and set the value to “All (default)”
  7. Save and log out.

I believe a picture is worth a thousand words, so please check out the screenshot below:


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