How to clear CLI screen on ASA and IOS?


How do you clear CLI screen on ASA?


Answer: You CAN’T!

In case you came here asking for the clear CLI screen on IOS.

Answer: You CAN’T!


I wished there was a way to clear the CLI screen, but this is handled by the terminal application. If you are using SecureCRT try CTRL+L.


If using Putty you can right click on the toolbar and select Reset Terminal, this will clear the whole screen until you hit enter and your cli prompt will come back.

Tera Term

If using Tera Term you can select Edit &gt Clear screen for the same result.

Alternatively do it how the cavemen do, just keep hitting enter until the lines scrolls off the screen buffer. You may find that useful when going through live debugs.

By hitting enter and leaving a few lines of gaps right before the next flood of messages, you maybe able to segregate your debugging more clearly. That’s my $0.02.

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