Kyoto Katsugyu Wagyu Beef Cutlet

  • Address: 1-39-6 Higashi ikebukuro | 1F, Toshima 170-0013, Tokyo Prefecture
  • Hours:Mon – Sun : 11am – 10pm

Tonkatsu Cutlet (Pork Cutlet) is pretty much a staple in Japanese cuisine, but Gyu Katsu (Beef Cutlet) is all the rave these days! We wanted to try beef katsu so we decided on a fairly well known one in the Ikebukuro area – Kyoto Katsugyu 京都勝牛.

We got there at 11am when the restaurant had just opened so there wasn’t a line up. There weren’t many table seats, in fact, we sat at the only 4 person table at the back of the restaurant. The restaurant is definitely tourist friendly as there’s an English menu as well as huge one on the wall too.



There’s also instructions on how to eat too.


Since we’re in Japan, we ordered the Special Wagyu set and the Wagyu set with the soft boiled egg option.


The set comes with the main dish; Gyu Katsu, some finely chopped cabbage, a bowl of rice, a miso soup and various condiments: wasabi soy sauce, “Japanese” salt & pepper, Worcester sauce (Aka Bulldog), a bowl of Curry sauce, and a soft boiled egg for dipping.

Both the Special Wagyu and Wagyu cutlets comes cooked medium rare. You don’t want to eat precious Wagyu too cooked so that you can savor the fattiness in your mouth.


The taste was exquisite. I’ve had Wagyu before but this was the first time having it in cutlet style. The meat was tender and juicy combined with a crispy bread crumbed crust – Perfect! I’ve tried eating it in it’s bare form, dipping it in curry sauce and also the egg. Each condiment gave the cutlet a unique experience. I personally liked pouring the curry on the rice to eat and dipping the beef in soy and wasabi. The egg was also good, but mainly for my rice. If the rice wasn’t enough you could ask for a refill, but for lunch this set was good enough.


For the price of 2480 Yen, I found the set rather decent in price, especially since you are being served Wagyu which is very expensive to eat in Japan and even more so outside. This will be one of the restaurants I will revisit if I return to Tokyo, or perhaps their restaurant in Kyoto, since they are named Kyoto Katsugyu after all.


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