Premium Pancake at Gram Cafe & Pancakes, Harajuku

We arrived at Gram in Harajuku at around 10am, an hour before it’s officially opened to line up for their premium pancakes. Apparently they only serve 20 pancakes at only 3 time slots a day.

You have to be there early to get a ticket which entitles you to order one order of pancakes.

I thought to myself, wow, I have to wait another hour before I can try this thing. What’s the deal? Well nevertheless we returned at 11am and was seated in their restaurant in accordance to the ticket number.

We ordered the pancake as well as a smoothie. The pancake arrived in a stack of three. It was ginormous and incredibly wobbly. The waitress had to hold the pancake from the side with a knife to prevent it from toppling over as she put down the plate.

I thought it was a good idea to take a video of how wobbly and unstable the stack was as I moved the plate towards the center.

Tasting afterthoughts

I’m not much of a sweet tooth nor am I a pancake fan, but this has goto be the best pancake I have had in my life. The texture was fluffy as expected from it being so wobbly. It had a perfect mellow of sweetness and buttery flavor. The emphasis was still more on the texture as it was air soft kinda like a crossover of cake and pancake. The butter that came with it was freshly whipped.

We quickly finished the pancakes. I thought it would be quite filling for one person but just enough for the two of us as we had already had a light breakfast prior to arriving.

We gave their peach smoothie a try too. It was quite refreshing, but nothing out of this world.


Despite the wait time, I thought Gram’s premium pancakes was definitely an exotic experience. I know of no other pancakes that are made like this. Unfortunately you can only find them in Japan. There are a few other Gram’s spread over Tokyo, I find Harajuku being a perfect place for this kinda of restaurant as Harajuku is a place for girls. The one hour wait wasn’t so bad as you could stroll around the area once you receive your ticket. We ended up getting some souvenirs at the nearby Calbee+ store as well as raided Daiso during this period.

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