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How to kill a Vmware Guest using Esxi Cli on 4.x/5.x

Kill a Vmware Guest via SSH 1. First you should ensure your ESXi server has SSH enabled. On vSphere client open the server configuration tab, under Software select Security Profile. 2. Under Services > Properties > SSH > Click Options…

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How to kill a hung VMWare Guest on ESXi

Here’s an updated post on how to kill a hung vmware guest using ESXi CLI on 4.x and 5.x Alright, I ran into a hung VM. There’s a guest in my cluster that wouldn’t stop or restart. Hitting the stop…

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Most useful commands used in TOP

Top is amongst the most comprehensive and informative process display command in Linux. There’s no reason for a seasoned Linux sysadmin like myself not to know it! Top can display all the information you need to know about processes and…