Troubleshooting VPN slowness – A look at MTU

Problem: Troubleshooting vpn slowness and packet retransmits could be a puzzling task, especially when it’s over an IPsec tunnel. Last week I had the opportunity to troubleshoot a problem with slow website loading times on a webserver across the link….

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How to do a HTTP POST with Curl

This page proves there are people out there who forget about the same things I forget. Here’s the POST I wanted to run today. curl -d “platform=CHANNEL&processor_target=CERT&charge_type=PING”

How to allow ICMP through your Cisco ASA/PIX firewall

ICMP packets are not stateful, how does the ASA handle them by default? Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP) pings and traceroute on the PIX Firewall are handled differently based on the version of PIX and ASA code. Inbound ICMP through…