Troubleshooting VPN slowness – A look at MTU

Problem: Troubleshooting vpn slowness and packet retransmits could be a puzzling task, especially when it’s over an IPsec tunnel. Last week I had the opportunity to troubleshoot a problem with slow website loading times on a webserver across the link….

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Cisco ASA allowing management-access from VPN

The inside interface of the PIX (also applies to ASA) cannot be accessed from the outside or from the other side of the VPN tunnel unless the management-access is configured. Once management-access is enabled, Telnet, SSH, or HTTP access must…

Troubleshooting Cisco PIX/ASA site to site IPsec VPN

A site to site IPsec VPN consists of two phases; Phase 1 – IKE exchange and Phase2 – Establishing the ipsec tunnels. It is important to figure out which part of the negotiation the VPN is failing at. However, before…