Nortel/Avaya ERS 5500/5510/5520 – EOL/EOS

The Avaya (formerly Nortel) Ethernet Routing Switch (ERS) has reached end of life and end of sale. The recommended replacement model is the ERS 5900 series switches.


ERS 5510-24T
ERS 5510-48T
ERS 5520-24T
ERS 5520-48T
ERS 5520-24T-PWR
ERS 5520-48T-PWR


Notice Date
End of Sale Date (EoS) December 7, 2014
End of Manufacturer Support for SOFTWARE (EoMS) May 4, 2016
End of Manufacturer Support for HARDWARE (EoMS) December 31, 2017
End of Lifetime Warranty period December 31, 2019
Targeted End of Services Support (EoSS) December 31, 2020

The announcement can be found here

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