How to clear Cisco interface configuration

How do you clear cisco interface configuration? Using the “no” command on each line to remove the configuration can be tedious and cumbersome. Use the default command in global configuration mode to clear the interface configuration and restore the interface to the defaults.

Router(config)# default interface ?
  Async              Async interface
  BVI                Bridge-Group Virtual Interface
  CDMA-Ix            CDMA Ix interface
  CTunnel            CTunnel interface
  Dialer             Dialer interface
  Ethernet           IEEE 802.3
  FastEthernet       FastEthernet IEEE 802.3
  Group-Async        Async Group interface
  Lex                Lex interface
  Loopback           Loopback interface
  MFR                Multilink Frame Relay bundle interface
  Multilink          Multilink-group interface
  Null               Null interface
  Tunnel             Tunnel interface
  Vif                PGM Multicast Host interface
  Virtual-PPP        Virtual PPP interface
  Virtual-Template   Virtual Template interface
  Virtual-TokenRing  Virtual TokenRing
  Vlan               Catalyst Vlans
  range              interface range command

TIP: You can combine the range command to clear more than one interface or a select group of interfaces at a time.

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