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Cisco IOS HSRP Problem – More than one Active router

HSRP is commonly used as a router failover mechanism, where one router in the group is active and all other group members are in standby. A standby router will take over as the active router when connectivity to the active…

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Demystifying ASA/PIX Nat 0 vs Static

Firstly, Nat 0 and static can be used to achieve the same result of bypassing NAT, at least logically 🙂 However both are fundamentally different. Take a look at the following example: nat (inside) 0 and static (inside,dmz)…

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Cisco ASA/PIX Bandwidth limiting

Today, I got a chance to setup some bandwidth limiting on our Cisco ASA Firewall. The goal was to choke the speed of traffic going to our backup server to 250Mb/s. As our backup traffic goes through a firewall here’s…