How to kill a hung VMWare Guest on ESXi

Here’s an updated post on how to kill a hung vmware guest using ESXi CLI on 4.x and 5.x

Alright, I ran into a hung VM. There’s a guest in my cluster that wouldn’t stop or restart. Hitting the stop button on the VI client doesn’t help and times out. What do I do? I don’t want to restart as I don’t want to take down the other production VMs that are running in the same box.

The following steps requires that you have SSH or console access to the box.

Issue the following command to list the available VMs and it’s associated ID

vm-support -x

Find the ID of the faulty guest you want to kill and issue the following command:

vm-support -X <ID>

Note: The -X is case sensitive.

Answer No, Yes and Yes to the following Questions:

Can I include a screenshot of the VM 78044? [y/n]: n
Can I send an NMI (non-maskable interrupt) to the VM 78044? This might crash the VM, but could aid in debugging [y/n]: y
Can I send an ABORT to the VM 78044? This will crash the VM, but could aid in debugging [y/n]: y
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