How to Airplay Avi/MKV/rmvb video files with Dolby 5.1 on you Apple TV?

airplayIf you have a lot of Dolby Digital HD video content like myself and would like to Airplay that on your TV there’s an app out there called AirVideo HD that does the trick.

How does Airvideo HD work?

The Airvideo HD app comes in two components. The client which is installed on your iPad or iPhone and a server app that can be installed on either a Windows or Mac PC. The client acts as the interface and lets you browse and play the video files that you have on your PC, while your server app live transcodes your video files into an airplayable format. If you have a decent speed PC, this all happens live with almost no buffering at all!
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1080p, h264 and Dolby 5.1!

Airvideo HD supports all video formats including popular h264 HD formats such as AVI, MKV, RMVB as well as play Dolby Digital 5.1 surround content via the Apple TV 3. It also plays directly to your iOS device if you are not interested in playing them on your TV, though your iOS device itself doesn’t output Dolby Surround.

How to setup?

What you’ll need is an iPhone/iPad/iPod with the Airvideo HD app installed on your iOS device, A PC with the Airvideo server app installed (You will need to download this from the Airvideo HD website), a 3rd generation Apple TV, a receiver that supports HDMI input and a HDTV.

In order to play Dolby 5.1, your Apple TV will need to be connected directly to your AV receiver using an HDMI cable.
Make sure your Apple TV is configured to output Dolby Digital 5.1 and set to on as shown.
If your video file has audio encoded in a higher Dolby format, ie DTS/True Audio, Airvideo HD will automatically live convert the audio stream to Dolby Digital 5.1.

How to play?

On your iOS device, select the video file you would like to play, and hit the airplay button on the bottom right of the screen that looks like a TV with triangle facing up. This will transfer the video that is playing on your device to the TV!


Enjoy your video content streamed smoothly onto your HDTV, fast forward or rewind to the scene you want in little to no buffering time. If you have a video file that is encoded in Dolby 5.1, your AV receiver should inform you that the content is being played in Dolby 5.1 (I know my Denon AVR-1913 shows it, otherwise it will display as Stereo)

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