RHCSA Exam EX200 Cheat Sheet Part 1


Back in the day

Back in the day when I did my RHCE exam on on Enterprise Linux 4, the RHCSA was a certification that would be granted if you only passed the first part of the RHCE exam but not the second. This gave test takers the chance to get something out of the tough and long RHCE exam even if they didn’t quite make it to the end.

Times have changed. For Redhat Enterprise 6, Redhat has now split that into two separate exams, the EX200 which earns you the RHCSA title and the EX300 for the RHCE. For the latter, you have to pass both the EX200 and EX300 exams.

Previous vs Current Study Material

The study materials used have changed dramatically since then too. Back then, all there were was the 5 day Redhat Training course and the RHCE certification guide by Michael Jang. If you took the course which is offered only twice a year where I live, you would be given the opportunity to take the RHCE exam at the very end of the last class. If you didn’t take the course and self studied like myself, you would attend the same exam as the students that took the course on the same day.

Nowadays, you can find a lot more study materials on the internet and a lot more forums that discusses on how to pass these exams. I remembered people use to be quite “mumm’d” about discussing the exam topics in fear of Redhat finding out and removing their title. Obtaining the RHCE certification was hard to come by during that time. Also, back then Virtualization barely existed, so preparing a Linux system required a physical box. Right now all you need to do is prepare yourself a virtual machine and you could revert your system to it’s original form at a click of a button.

Study Tips

Well, one of my buddies has just recently just passed his RHCSA EX200 exam with flying colors. So, I figured I’d ask him to share his exam study material. He primarily watched a couple of training videos by one of the predominant training companies on the internet and prepared a cheat sheet with some notes on the topics that were tested. I also recommend to install a VMWare and purchase copy of the RHCSA/RHCE Redhat Linux Certification Study Guide – Sixth Edition by Michael Jang. His updated study guide is very easy to read and should cover all your bases for your exam preparation.

Below is the cheat sheet that my friend has kindly shared. Enjoy!

Cheat Sheet Part 1

File Compression

To compress files using tarball into tgz format

tar -czvf name.tar files

To view files in tarball file

tar -tf filename

To decompress a tarball

tar -xzvf filename


To edit sudo config


Input & Output redirection

Output to a file, >> will append while > will overwritten

hostname >> file.txt

Input to a command then redirect the output on another file

In this example, send spelling.txt to spell command and redirect the output on mispelled.txt

spell < spelling.txt > mispelled.txt

Output the error to a file, 2> represent redirecting the errors

ls me.txt 2> output.txt

^ means the line will need to being with the word root

grep '^root" /etc/passwd

-n = print line number,

grep -n '[aA]pple' file.txt

grep the line does ends with /sbin/nologin

grep '/sbin/nologin$' /etc/passwd

grep the lines without the text nologin

grep -v '/sbin/nologin$' /etc/passwd

alter a file using search and replace

sed 's/speling/spelling/' spelling.txt > corrected.txt
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