Avaya/Nortel ERS 5510/5520 How to configure a management VLAN

Here’s the CLI on how to create a management VLAN on a Avaya/Nortel ERS 5510/5520.

1. First create a vlan 10 used for management access:

Switch(config)# vlan create 10 name "VLAN-10 MGMT" type port

2. Ensure to add the vlan to the appropriate trunk ports. Ports 1/47, 1/48, 2/47 and 2/48 are used here (Make sure to do the same on the trunk ports on the uplinked switch):

Switch(config)# vlan members 10 add 1/47-48, 2/47-48

3. Assign VLAN 10 as the management vlan.

Switch(config)# vlan mgmt 10

4. Assign an IP address to the stack/switch.

Switch(config)# ip address netmask default-gateway

5. Make sure to test your connectivity by pinging the default gateway

Switch(config)# ping
Host is reachable


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