How to backup a Nortel/Avaya ERS 470/5510/5520 ascii or binary configuration file to TFTP

In order to backup a Nortel/Avaya ERS 470/5510/5520 configuration file in ascii format to a TFTP server the most straight forward way is to use CLI.

SSH into the switch and run the following command:

switch> enable
Switch# copy running-config tftp address x.x.x.x filename switch-ascii-config.txt

% Generating ASCII Configuration    
% Contacting TFTP host: x.x.x.x
% Writing ASCII configuration file:  switch-ascii-config.txt   
% ACG configuration generation completed

In order to backup the configuration file in binary format, run the following:

switch> enable
Switch# copy config tftp address x.x.x.x filename switch-bin-config.cfg

% Contacting TFTP host.
% Configuration file successfully written.
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