How to save a configuration file to tftp on Nortel ERS 8600

Here’s how to save or copy the configuration file to tftp server on a Nortel ERS 8600 using CLI.

Take a look at the syntax below:

8610-1:5# save config ?
save current configuration, log, or trace information to a file
Required parameters:
       = what to save {config|bootconfig|log|trace|clilog|snmplog}
Optional parameters:
file  = {a.b.c.d:|peer:|/pcmcia/|/flash/} {string length 1..99}
verbose          = save default and current configuration 
standby  = filename, /pcmcia/ | /flash/ {string length 1..99}
backup  = {a.b.c.d:|peer:|/pcmcia/|/flash/} {string length 1..99}
mode  = Option applicable only if  is config -- mode {cli|nncli}
Command syntax:
save  [file ] [verbose] [standby ] [backup ] [mode ]

To save the configuration file to flash use:

#save config file /flash/config.cfg

To save the configuration file to tftp use:

#save config file x.x.x.x:/filename.cfg
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