RHCSA Exam EX200 Cheat Sheet Part 2


Cheat Sheet Part 2

Here’s the RHCSA EX200 cheat sheet part 2. Enjoy:

Software Management

To search a package

yum search package-name

To display info of a package

yum info package-name

To install a package

yum install package-name

To remove a package

yum remove package-name

To list a group of available software

yum grouplist

To install a software group

yum groupinstall "group name"

To remove a software group

yum groupremove "group name"

yum repo config is under /etc/yum.repos.d/

To install a rpm package

rpm -i package-name

To check if the package is previously installed

rpm -qa | grep package-name

To remove a rpm package (no need a full name)

rpm -e package-name

To upgrade a package /w status

rpm -Uvh package-name

To list for the documentation of an installed pacakge

rpm -qd | grep package-name (no need a full name)

To list the config file of an installed package

rpm -qc package name (no need a full name)

To display the info of an installed package

rpm -qi package-name

To display kernel number and release version

uname -r

To install a new kernal

yum install kernel
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