RHCSA Exam EX200 Cheat Sheet Part 3

RHCSAHere’s the RHCSA Exam

Cheat Sheet Part 3

EX200 Cheat sheet part 3:

Service Management

The service resides under /etc/init.d

start a service at boot

chkconfig service on
chkconfig --level135 service on

list a service

chkconfig --list

GUI tool for services

yum install system-config-service

Encrypted Filesystems

setup an encrypted volume

cryptsetup --verbose --verify-passphrase luksFormat /dev/sdb1
cryptsetup lukOpen /dev/sdb1 safe
ls -l /dev/mapper | grep safe
mkfs.ext4 /dev/mapper/safe 
mount /dev/mapper/safe /safe
restorecon -r /safe

/etc/crypttab safe /dev/sdb1 none (none means require to enter a password at boot)
/etc/fstab /dev/mapper/safe /safe ext4 defaults 0 0

To show encrypted filesystem status

cryptsetup status safe

Network Service

Config is under /etc/auto.master

auto.misc	nfs	-fstype=nfs,intr (server wont hang when nfs is not available)	yvr-na04:/vol/xxxxx
then --> service autofs restart

When go to /misc/nfs … nfs will auto mount. By default it will be unmounted in 10 mins

NTP server
config is located under /etc/ntp.conf

config file /etc/exports


to show export

showmount -e
showmount -e IP

To mount NFS share

mount -t nfs x.x.x.x:/share /mountpoint


x.x.x.x:/share /mountpoint nfs _netdev 0 0


yum install httpd

elink is text browser (elink http://localhost)

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