How to watch TVB drama online through your HDTV

Watching TVB drama overseas

As an asian living overseas, like many others I watch the occasional TVB drama series from Hong Kong. Over where I live you can get cable television and get a subscription to Chinese channels. However, the content they broadcast are often not up to date and as more and more people are watching content online, subscriptions to these channels as well as cable television are in the decline.

TVB themselves have launched an online streaming site called MyTV which is only accessible in Hong Kong. To overcome this, over the last few years, quite a few online streaming sites such as azdrama, icdrama, tvbdo, and kazeebo have become quite popular as they allow viewers to stream these content without such restrictions.

How do you play TVB drama content online via your TV?


The most common way to view these content is via your computer screen. So how do you play these on your HDTV? One method is to get yourself a HTPC – which essentially is a computer with an HDMI outlet that allows you to output the monitor to your HDTV.

This could be quite cumbersome as you find yourself having to use a mouse and keyboard to operate your TV as it is simply a monitor to your computer. Another problem with this is often times these HTPCs are quite bulky and don’t look good sitting in the same living room space as your TV. Besides, it’s actually not cheap getting one of these PCs. Case alone will set you back at least $100.

Is there a better way?

208134-appletv2_x1_originalSure there is! Introducing the Apple TV! Little people are aware of what this little thing does. Many think it’s just another Netflix and youtube streaming device only for hardcore Apple fans. Well, if you actually own an iOS device like a iPad, iPhone, iPod, you can actually stream whatever you are watching on your iOS device to the Apple TV via a feature called Airplay! That means you can stream your TVB drama, Korean, Taiwanese and whatever drama you are watching at the comfort of your couch! For $99USD, this is much cheaper and smaller than using a large bulky HTPC that takes forever to boot up into Windows!

So how do you get it to work?

Like any apple product the Apple TV is incredibly easy to setup. First buy yourself an Apple TV from your local Apple store or your brick and mortar electronics retailer. Get yourself an HDMI cable (the apple TV does not come with one), and connect your TV and the Apple TV using that.


Once the cables are hooked, turn it on and enter your wireless settings to ensure your Apple TV can reach your wifi network.

Apple TV network settings

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