How to watch TVB drama online through your HDTV

airplayNext get on your iPad, iPhone or iPod, launch safari and visit one of your favourite TVB drama site (Make sure it is connected using wifi). Go to the video that you want to play and select the airplay button on the bottom of right corner of the video screen that looks like a triangle on top of a rectangle.


Select the Apple TV and zap! Your video is now being played on your HDTV!

You will now also be able to use your iPad, iPhone or iPod to fast forward and rewind the video just like a remote! This also means you can use your iOS to browse through any huge library of video files that is often posted on those websites without reaching out for your keyboard and mouse!

Bonus! I also stream Apple Daily news videos daily using Apple daily app via Airplay!

What if I live in Hong Kong?

Since you don’t have any restrictions downloading and playing content from MyTV you can simply use the same method above and airplay your screen onto the TV from the MyTV app! You get HD quality and can replay any show you want! The only issue is the MyTV app will force you to watch their advertisements :P.

What else does Airplay support?

Well not all content can be played on your iOS device can be streamed that way to your HDTV. So what do you do when you want to watch drama from sites that do not support airplay? Well if you have the latest generation of Apple TV and a iPad generation 3 or newer, you can actually use a feature called Airplay – Mirror that will mirror your iPad’s screen onto your TV. Note that the image quality is not as good as directly Airplaying it, as your TV’s resolution is likely not the same. You also may get the letter box effect which shows two empty spaces on the side of your TV. So what do you do? Just use your TV’s stretch feature to remove those disgusting black side bars.

Airplay Mirror

Dolby Digital and RMVB?

If you know what I’m talking about here, continue on to read my post about Airvideo and Airplay!

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